Esto No Puede Terminar (from "Violetta") (Sing-Along Version)

Esto No Puede Terminar (from "Violetta") (Sing-Along Version)

Violetta Esto No Puede Terminar


~About Me~

Hey there! I'm Violet, and I'm a HUGE fan of Violetta! When I first watched the promo of Violetta I absolutely fell in love with the show I loved the love, passion and music. But unfortunately I missed the first couple of episodes. Now I never miss a single episode because I love the show so much. Currently in the UK and Ireland we are at episode 61 but I can’t wait until Disney Channel puts Violetta back on TV. I hope there is more drama coming up.
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~My Wiki Friends~

Vio: Vio is an awesome friend and she helped me a lot! She even made my profile, and she's just awesome! She's funny, cool, hardworking, nice and I love her! :D

Lia: Lia is an amazing friend and I love talking to her! I love how nice and how hardworking she is, she's my BFF here and I can't describe her well enough! Love you Lia! <3

Gabi: Gabi is also my best friend on the wiki! She likes Violetta, Tini and R5, just like me! She's super fun and I love all her work on the wiki and she's just incredibly amazing! Gabi, I love you! :)

BBL :She is an awesome friend i now her in real life we are actually best friends i can't describe her she is totally the best love you!:)

Rach :She is an awesome friend she helps me when times are rough we are both Admins on the violetta fanatics wiki she just and awesome friend can not describe her love you Rach!:)

Emily :She is an awesome friend she is hardworking and amazing she likes Disney Channel like me we both love Role playing we are just Twins!Love u Emily!:D Her Fanfictions are just amazing!

Omar :He is an awesome friend we are both Admins on the Disney Social: Talk about Disney Wiki.He is always kind to me and helps me alot:D!

Duck :She is an awesome friend we are both Admins on the Disney Social: Talk about Disney Wiki.Who could forget about her she is always on my side and writes awesome songs and fanfictions love you Duck:)!

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