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Tomás Heredia
Full name

Tomás Heredia


Tommy (by Ludmila, Francesca and Maxi) Tom (by Ludmila)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina Madrid, Spain (former)


Student, Beto's assistant (former)

Eye color


Hair color



Susana (mother) Unnamed father Unknown grandmother Agustina (cousin)


Violetta Castillo (crush) Ludmila Ferró (ex-girlfriend) Francesca Caviglia (ex-girlfriend)


Violetta Castillo Ludmila Ferró Francesca Caviglia Maxi Ponte


Studio On Beat (former)


Resto Band (former)

First seen

Season 1, Episode 1

Last seen

Season 1, Episode 80

Portrayed by

Pablo Espionsa

Tomás Heredia

Played by Pablo Espinosa. He's attractive, unassuming, confident and, sometimes, a bit aloof. He plays the guitar and sings, and his songs mirror his personality. He attends 'Studio 21' with a grant from professor Beto, who hires him as an assistant. He was born in Spain but moved to Buenos Aires with his mother to take care of his grandma.

Tomás falls in love with Violetta in spite of Herman, who tries to keep his daughter away from all suitors. Leon is his main rival for her love. But when Violetta and Leon fall in love, he gets jealous and keeps asking for a second chance, not taking no for an answer and that gets in the way of Violetta's and Leon's relationship.


Tomas is attractive, simple and confident. All his songs reflect his personality and his quest as an artist. When he worked in Resto Bar, Luca always quarreled with him about that he's not doing his job and that he is sabotaging the business, but in reality he's not like that and he always tries to put everything into his work. This shows that he is very responsible and honest.


  • He doesn't play the piano very well, and there's a few episodes where Violetta teaches him.
  • He comes from Spain.
  • He is one of two Spanish people from the Studio, the other is Naty.
  • He was the delivery guy at Resto Band (formerly Resto Bar).
  • He is terrible at dancing, as shown in some of the episodes.
  • He revealed that he was the guitarist of a band but they kicked him out.
  • Most of the songs he has written are about Violetta.
  • It is possible that the first song he wrote was The Only One I See.
  • He wears an earring on his left ear.
  • Gregorio hates him because he thinks that Tomas always brings him bad luck.
  • He can play guitar, piano and drums.
  • He once said that Leon's songs were boring and that he was a 'classical pianist'.
  • He works at the Studio as Beto's assistant but he also is a student there.
  • Most of the songs he has written are love songs.
  • He was chosen as one of the eight contestants for the reality show "Talents 21".
  • The name Tomas means 'twin'.[1]
  • After Studio 21's end-of-term show, he decides to leave Buenos Aires and go back to Spain.


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