Ravi Ross (Karan Brar), a cultural and gentle boy born (and raised for ten and a half years) in West Bengal, India and the newest addition of the Ross family. He is imbued with the culture of his beloved homeland, but is thrilled with his new life in America. He is the third-oldest of the Ross children. In Season 1, he seems to spend most of his time with Luke, but appreciates his sisters the same. In "Creepy Connie's Curtain Call", he starts dating Creepy Connie. It is revealed that on Zuri's recent Gotcha Day (a day the Ross family celebrates on the anniversary of when each kid was adopted) that the Ross family originally though he was going to be a baby (his paperwork stated he was born in 2011, not 2001 like he actually was) which greatly upsets him because it makes him feel like he's not really wanted. However, Ravi later realizes how much his family loves him after they express it to him. He also spends time with his lizard Mrs. Kipling which he brought from India. In Season 2, he realizes that "Mr." Kipling is actually a "Mrs./Ms." Kipling, as revealed in "The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling". He also learns that Luke isn't the only sibling he has to spend time with. He starts hanging out with his sisters more, especially Zuri (as long as Jessie and/or Bertram is with them). Ravi & Zuri's siblingship downs a bit downhill in"Green-Eyed Monsters", but it shoots back up in "All the Knight Moves", when Ravi calms Zuri down from a chess nightmare. Even though Ravi is usually gentle, he can show his aggressiveness whenever he wants to, as seen in several Season 2 and 3 episodes and a few Season 1 episodes. In "Jessie's Big Break", Ravi almost tackles Bertram to the ground for accidentally sending away Mrs. Kipling to a zoo. In Panic Attack Room, he is shown to threaten Luke that he'll get his revenge on him for revealing his crush to the entire school of Walden Academy.