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León Season 3 Promotional Picture
Full name

Leon Vargas


Lion (by Ludmila)
Mozart (by Ludmila)
Leonsito (by Ludmila and Diego)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mexico (former)



Eye color


Hair color



nknown mother
Unknown father


Violetta Castillo (girlfriend)
Ludmila Ferro (ex-girlfriend)
Lara (ex-girlfriend)
Natalia Vidal (possible crush-by-on)


Violetta Castillo
Maxi Ponte
Francesca Caviglia


Studio On Beat

Portrayed by

Jorge Blanco

León is a very talented boy that comes from Mexico and studies at Studio On Beat. He is also Violetta's current boyfriend and one of her two love interests in the first season. He is kind of arrogant, and somehow vain. But despite this, León has a good heart and cares about his friends, especially Violetta. He currently attends Studio On Beat. He's a very talented musician, singer and dancer.

As of season 2, it is revealed that he likes going to the motocross track and practice his skills, which he used to do with his ex-mechanic and ex-girlfriend, Lara, who left in season 2 when León, Violetta, Francesca and Diego went to Madrid to dance for YouMix Spain. Later then, he revealed that they broke up because Lara couldn't date him anymore, because she couldn't trust him and knew he is still in love with Violetta.

León is portrayed by Jorge Blanco.


Even though he seemed a little bit arrogant, conceited and full of himself at the beginnning, León is actually an honest guy and has a good heart. However, when he's with Ludmila, he seems a little mean. At the beginning, he wants to win Violetta's heart to get back at Tomás because Ludmila, his ex-girlfriend, is attracted to him. However, he falls in love with Violetta against his will. In Season 2, he starts to like motocross and spend more time at the motocross track with his ex-girlfriend Lara; and he was also confused and didn't know what to choose: music or motocross, because he knew he didn't have time for both. But in the end, he chose music, but he is still into motocross and still doing it.

In Season 3, he also had an accident at the motocross track and hit his head, and then he was taken to a hospital; but after a while, he woke up, after Violetta kissed him, and he was completely fine. Then he returned at the Studio and everyone was happy he was alright. He is also, currently in a band with his best friends, Maxi, Andrés, Broduey and Diego.


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