Jade LaFontaine

Played by Florencia Benítez. Herman's girlfriend. She's a very superficial woman, obsessed with her image. She is seductive, jealous, fussy, selfish and manipulative. She's very cheeky and that makes her funny, so she's really a charming villain. The real villain in the shadows is her brother Matías.

Jade comes from a very wealthy family. She was born rich and never had to do a day's work, but she loses her fortune and decides that the only way to maintain her lifestyle is to marry Herman, and that's why she's constantly manipulating him.

Jade hates Violetta because she competes with her for Herman's attention. Later she will hate Angie, her direct rival for Herman's love.

Violetta 2 Jade canta Opera

Violetta 2 Jade canta Opera