Emma Ross
Emma season 3
Full name

Emma Ross


Em (by Jasmine) Kitty Couture Gemma (by Mrs. Chesterfield)



Date of birth

April 19, 1998



Resides in

Manhattan, New York City, New York


Student fashion critic future fashion designer Empire Skate Building employee Kitty Couture

Eye color


Hair color



Christina and Morgan Ross (parents) Luke Ross (adoptive brother) Ravi Ross (adoptive brother) Zuri Ross (adoptive sister)


Rick Larkson(ex-crush) Caleb Shannon (Possible ex-boyfriend) Vincent Liotta (ex-boyfriend) Brett Summers (ex-boyfriend


Rosie Jessie Prescott Bertram Winkle (sometimes) Maybelle (neighbor) Boomer


Walden Academy (11th Grade)

First seen

New York New Nanny

Portrayed by

Peyton List Cameron Boyce in To be me or not me

Emma Ross (Peyton List), a diva, somewhat ditzy, cynical girl, eager to reorder the world to the way she sees it. Emma is the oldest child of the Ross family, even though she doesn't act like it sometimes, and is Morgan and Christina's only biological child. It appears in Season 1 that Emma spends most of her time with Zuri, and that she doesn't appreciate her brother, Luke, as much as her other siblings.[5][11][12][13][29] In Season 2, she acts as Kitty Couture, a so-called educator of style. She is into fashion and starts to get along with Luke more. She and Ravi also start to spend time together as brother-and-sister, as long as either Jessie, Luke, Zuri, and/or Bertram is with them. Also in this season, Emma becomes more mature and responsible for her siblings, as she starts taking the role of a big sister more seriously, as seen in "Punched Dumped Love", when Emma snuck out to the dance in order to warn Luke about his date dumping him. In "G.I. Jessie", Jessie is upset over her father getting remarried and says that Emma couldn't understand being upset over her family changing, and Emma tells her that she does understand, because she felt the same way when her parents adopted her siblings and grew to love them more than anything, which makes Jessie feel better and come to terms with her father getting remarried. In "Krumping and Crushing", Emma develops a crush on Tony at the end after he compliments her for helping Zuri and calls her great. In Season 3, Emma doesn't get being their sister, instead of their "frenemy".